Error Reduction

How Your Lab Can Represent Workflows Effectively

Day-to-day lab operations rely on workflows to manage people, tasks, and systems so that work follows a consistent process every time. Defined workflows help ensure that all the steps are done in the correct order, are free from errors, and meet regulatory requirements. But, representing lab workflows can be difficult. Without careful definition, you might introduce inaccuracies — such as […]

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Barcodes in the Lab: How to Maximize Efficiency and Reduce Errors

Barcoding is extremely useful in a lab environment. It lets you quickly and automatically identify and track items like samples, plates, and reagents. But implementing a lab barcode system is not as simple as charging up a scanner and getting to work. To be effective, the scanning solution should be integrated with your laboratory information management system (LIMS). That means […]

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How Your SOPs and Lab Software Can Help You Reduce Errors

In my previous post in this two-part series, I talked about how software can support your analysts as they follow your laboratory’s standard operating procedures (SOPs). This time, let’s take a closer look at how software that closely matches your SOPs can help your lab reduce errors, enhance morale, and improve patient safety. Two ways to view errors made in […]

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What Labs Need to Know About Software Testing

Semaphore recommends all NGS clinical diagnostic labs adopt comprehensive software testing to reduce errors, improve efficiency, and save money. The right approach and the right amount of testing ensure the lab’s software systems operate correctly and can be easily maintained in the future. Whether your lab is implementing an entirely new software solution, integrating two or more systems, or upgrading […]

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