Augment Your Team

We can augment your team with one or more laboratory software experts.

Remotely integrate our software developers and field application scientists into your own development team to enhance or spearhead a project.

A convenient, flexible solution to NGS lab specialist software resourcing.

Enhance your internal team by leveraging the expertise of skilled software engineering or Field Application Scientist (FAS) professionals on a full-time contract basis. Our resources quickly integrate into your company and immediately contribute value through a flexible staff augmentation model. This model is ideal for hiring needs that require full-time external support but don’t warrant permanent FTE positions.

We facilitate connections to the talented professionals you require for project development, expansion, and efficient management. Our contracted engagements are adaptable to cyclical or project-based demands, allowing you to infuse fresh skills and experiences into your team, whether they work on-site or remotely.

Benefit from a wide range of competencies and skillsets for a predetermined or open-ended duration, tailored to your evolving requirements. As your staff augmentation partner, Semaphore Solutions enables you to easily adjust your workforce as needs fluctuate, while also realizing cost efficiencies in recruitment, screening, and onboarding processes. It’s the most intelligent approach to accessing talent in today’s fiercely competitive specialized labor market.

Why choose from our team?

Software Skills

Our software developers are full-stack and skilled in modern software languages and frameworks.

NGS & Wetlab Domain Knowledge

Our technical team is fully trained in laboratory processes, operations, and the software systems modern complex laboratories rely on.


We have a quality-first approach to software. Our technical team is well-versed in current software engineering best practices and will provide leadership in this area upon request.

What is Team Augmentation?

Let’s define staff augmentation in this context for better clarity. Staff augmentation refers to the temporary, full-time utilization of external personnel to enhance the capacity of your organization. Informally, we often refer to these professionals as “full-time consultants” or “full-time contractors.”

There are numerous scenarios where companies choose to utilize our staff augmentation model as an alternative or supplement to traditional full-time employees (FTEs). Some of these scenarios include:

Rapidly Increasing Capacity

Bringing on more specialized labor to fulfill a spike in work (such as project work, increased production, and or any other form of increased demand).

Accessing Specialized Skills

Staff augmentation is ideal for accessing niche out-of-house skills that are required for several months, but don’t lend themselves to hiring an FTE.

Strategic Human Resourcing

Staff augmentation is also used to build teams using flexible labor as a way to gain a competitive advantage (via faster speed to market, greater agility, and the ability to “trial-run” and refine job descriptions). 

Customers Include


Our team has the software and domain expertise to support your team's success.

Adaptable to New Teams
Hiring and training new staff can be time-consuming and risky. We’ll find the right people for the task at hand. Our team members are experienced at joining new teams and quickly adopting a new team’s process. When called upon, our team members are comfortable helping introduce software engineering best practices into your organization.

Diverse Technical Staff
Have a temporary resourcing crunch? In addition to full-stack developers, we have architects, project managers, business analysts, and process consultants available to join your team.

Smooth Project Hand-Off
When it’s time for our team to hand back responsibility, we put in place a mature business process that ensures a smooth and efficient project transition.

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