We Build Software Solutions

The Semaphore team provides software engineering services and custom software solutions for enterprise companies, private laboratories, healthcare organizations and governments.

We offer business process modeling, risk analysis, and technical analysis to help you meet your business goals. We provide software architecture as a service, and develop a custom software solution to fit your needs.

Our Process

We Consult

Semaphore Solutions provides a short, free consultation to companies, organizations, and laboratories seeking to solve their business problems with software. We take pride in helping to guide professionals to the right software solution based on their unique needs, since they know their clients better than anyone. 

We Discover

We value a refined discovery process. This phase includes activities such as architecture review, business analysis, and software design. As the discovery phase completes, we propose a project to achieve your custom solution. This analysis includes Semaphore’s technical recommendations, as well as any associated estimates and timelines. 

We Build

Semaphore builds solutions. After the discovery phase, we take an Agile approach while defining and solving your business’ unique challenges. Our professional software team follows established best-practices for all of their software project management and development.


We value collaboration. Our analysts work with your subject matter experts to create detailed requirements for the project at hand. With this information, we will then work with stakeholders to define what our software team will deliver, and when.


Our experienced software architects and full-stack developers efficiently design and implement a solution that meets the expectations of all stakeholders. Our team includes quality assurance specialists who ensure that the solution is ready for production and performs as specified.


Your software solution launch is more than just the press of a button. The launch is a crucial point in the project where the solution is deployed to a production environment, users are trained, processes are adjusted, and unexpected issues must be resolved. Our team is experienced in managing any uncertainty that new software solutions can introduce, allowing us to make the launch a success for everyone.


All Semaphore staff are trained to help maintain ongoing support relationships with our clients. Our team is always available to answer questions and handle critical IT issues as they occur.

Professional Services

Semaphore builds solutions. After the Discovery Phase, we take an Agile approach to defining and solving your problem. Our professional software team follows the best practices of software project management and development.

Technical Resourcing
Don’t let a lack of technical resources stop your growth. Trust us with augmenting your project with a single developer resource, or even a full team. Engagements vary in length based on your internal requirements. 

Software Project Management and Delivery
Our professional team includes experienced project and program managers. We use various project management tools and methodologies. With foundations in Agile, we add traditional project management process where useful, and dynamically improve our strategies as the industry changes.

Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Implementation
Implementing a new system is complex. Your business includes many pieces of software that need to work together. We support you as you select your COTS and help integrate any missing pieces.

Business Analysis
An effective software solution requires reliable business analysis. We examine your unique situation, create a solution, and propose a timeline for completion with professional efficiency. Our team excels at providing relevant documentation and requirements to the necessary stakeholders. 

User Experience Design
We offer user experience (UX) design services to our clients. Our professional team collaborates with customer stakeholders to develop functional and intuitive user interfaces.

Software Architecture
A software solution is reliable, scalable, and maintainable. This level of quality requires smart and robust software architecture. Our team develops well-designed and appropriate architecture that is unique for each software solution. 

Integrations Services
Your technology solution has many moving parts. We provide integration services for the most complex software solutions. We enable effective communication between sophisticated systems. We ensure manual error reduction and increased user efficiency to provide the highest levels of usability for you and your staff. 

Software Modernization
Technology improves daily, with programming frameworks and languages constantly changing. In the fast-paced world of software, everything eventually needs to be updated. We understand the complexity of a systems upgrade for your business and staff. We provide software modernization services customized to your unique requirements.

We deliver software services to support our clients’ growth.

Software Development, DevOps, Quality Assurance, Architecture, and Interface/User Experience.

We offer additional services in Project Management, Business Analysis and Process Consultation. We are available to augment a software team with a single expert, or provide a full team to complete and maintain feature or project.

Semaphore is trusted by these incredible partners

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“Semaphore provides software expertise for Helix’s Clarity LIMS implementation. They have provided excellent project management, technical leadership, and quality software development that was crucial to the successful launch of our high volume lab. It’s refreshing to collaborate with an attentive team during complex implementations.”

Tony Le, Product Manager

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Here at Semaphore, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to any challenge. With our years of experience creating enterprise-level custom software, we deliver solutions as unique as our clients themselves.

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