About Us

Join a growing team advancing the genomics industry

Semaphore supports the software engineering needs of clinical genomics laboratories across Europe and North America. Semaphore is passionate about the challenges genomics laboratories face, and is looking for people who are intrigued by the genomics industry as it grows.

We work with the most cutting-edge laboratories in the world, using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies to provide:

  • Critical medical services, cancer diagnoses, and non-invasive prenatal testing
  • Customer-direct services, including personalized medicine and ancestry services
  • Research on a wide variety of subject areas such as precision health and agriculture

We solve our clients’ software problems so they can focus on the science.

Semaphore is founded and led by experienced software engineers. We prioritize the creation of high quality code and provide support to help you reach our standards.

We believe that communicative teams are the best teams. At Semaphore, we strive to create an open and supportive environment.

Semaphore values mentorship. We provide the autonomy and support you need achieve your professional goals. We encourage you to ask for help when needed, and contribute your own unique perspective at every opportunity.


Peter Smith
Chief Executive Officer, Partner

Mark Swinkels
Chief Technology Officer, Partner

Tobias Patton
Chief Solutions Architect, Partner

Steve Cockayne
Chief Operating Officer, Partner

Our incredible team

Linley Faulkner
Head of Growth

Bruno Calvignac
Senior Software Developer

Jeremy Snell
Software Developer

Nik Aleliunas
Software Developer

Danny Hopkins
Program Manager

Eban Tomlinson
Senior Project Manager

Gordon Meyer
Senior Software Developer

Katherine Epp
Software Developer

Ricky Kwan
Software Developer

Cameron Young
Project Manager, Quality Assurance Specialist

Stacey Horne
People Operations and Finance Manager

Marcus Little
Senior Software Developer

Chris Patterson
Software Developer

Emily Wong
Software Developer

Nina Scott
Project Coordinator

Michael Gillis
Managing Director, Europe

Shane Ryan
Senior Software Developer

Ryan Tandy
Software Developer

Rebeca Dunn-Krahn
Business Analyst

Justin Chant
Solution Architect

Sean Kahil
Senior Software Developer

Avro Nelson
Software Developer

Nick Duncan
Project Manager, Business Analyst